Menus, Glue, & Cereal

Have you ever noticed how unbelievable food looks in TV commercials?

McDonalds hamburgers that look juicy, thicker, and overall better on TV than when you buy them yourself?

This is no accident. Artists make entire careers out of food photography. There are lots of tips and tricks of the trade that create that perfect visual we are so accustom to seeing in the digital age. Some of these tricks may seem unconventional and frankly a little strange. For example, look above to our photo of a strawberry in milk. You may be wondering how they captured that photo with such perfect timing that the milk splashed enough to be elegant, but not so much it looks chaotic.

Well, surprisingly, there is little to no milk in this picture at all. Beyond employing editing techniques, in situations like this food photographers use glue mixed with water to create a heavier, thicker consistency. They also used clear coat spray paint to make the coat around the strawberry look glassy and perfect.

There are many tricks like this. From swapping shaving cream for whip cream so it doesn’t melt to using dish soap to create foam on the top of drinks. These tricks are vital to marketing. For example, according to Gloria Foods, there are 6 vital tips to taking pictures of your food. One of which, heavily focuses on lighting techniques.

This photo here is great example of lighting and staging.

Anyone can take a picture of a piece of toast. It is the garnish and lighting that make it seem open, fresh and appealing. This photo is also employing angle techniques. You always want to be able to see the depth and ingredients of the item. According to Digital Photography School, you can alternate between a few common angles, but it is best to follow a theme to tell a proper story. In this photo, the angle comes from above to highlight the layers of items you wouldn’t be able to see from the side.

While its fun to try out these tricks yourself; when it comes to making money, it’s best to leave your menu’s to the professionals. Good food photography gives it that extra oomph. We can help you find and book a photographer in your area to take your menu’s from good to amazing. You can view some of our most recent layouts here that accommodate an appropriate number of photos without completely overdoing it.

This video explains some of the most important things to consider if you are attempting to photograph your food for yourself.

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