Drinks On The House For The Vaccinated

In CT, many restaurants have pledged to give a free drink or other free items to patrons upon proof of COVID-19 vaccination. This not only incentivizes vaccination but also stimulates business. Most people aren’t going to come, get that free drink, and eat nothing else at all. It brings in new business and keeps the environment safe with as many vaccinated people as possible.

Other states may have similar programs if you are out of our area. Be on the lookout for things like this to bring customers in and keep your business running smoothly in these uncertain times.

We know as well as you the last year has felt like both a blur and the longest in awhile, maybe ever. May as well celebrate with a few friends and some drinks.

Note: If you are going to participate as a customer, avoid consuming alcohol for 48 hours after getting your vaccine. You’ll thank us later.

If you would like to join that ever growing list of restaurants, please visit:


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