Make It Easy(ish) On Yourself Running A Business

It’s no secret business owners are often multi-talented.

They plan, organize, serve, cook, and function as the face of a business. That doesn’t mean they can do everything alone. There is a lot to account of in the daily operations of the business. According to this article, it can take 6 months to years to even get the funding and planning phases in motion. Sometimes it can feel like there is no time to plan long term goals, or manage a long term account.

That’s why forming business partnerships is important. Your chef is (hopefully) a great cook, he however might not be the best accountant. You wouldn’t expect him to attempt to do his normal duties, learn to provide exceptional marketing services, and still provide exceptional food to customers. There needs to be delegation and outsourcing to experts in their respective fields for optimal business management.

You hire the perfect chef, and the perfect waitstaff; why not hire the perfect social media management company? Or hire the best designers for your menus? While amicable, wearing yourself too thin isn’t good for anyone in the long run.

It’s easy to think about the front of house and back of house responsibilities. Someone handles the phone, someone takes orders and so on and so forth. But, you may not think to have someone handle your social media daily just like those tasks.

Social media is so much bigger than most people give it credit for. At any time of the day millions, if not tens of millions of people are online using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok etc. Food trends often go viral, wholesome videos, and so much more. You can capitalize on this using non-traditional, and traditional marketing techniques. Some of these techniques involve Search Engine Optimization (SEO). While of course you can take the time to become an expert on these topics; why do that? Having a team already informed is going to get you more business and save you time and money in the long run. If you plan on learning these concepts yourself, that is valuable time you could be using in other ways and places you already know to help your business grow effectively. If you an employee already designated to another task, and add this on as a responsibility, it may be ineffective inexperienced marketing. And, end up making that employee half as good at the job they already were supposed do. Hence, again, costing your business a lot of money.

People make entire careers out of web presence optimization. It is a challenging beast to tame. It also can be expensive. That’s why the Payzero Club is unique. We have a service that lets you use points earned to pay for these services. If you are earning passively from a service you need regardless, it feels less painful to shell out the points for good web and SEO content.

There’s a million posts out there just like this one. Claiming to have the answers to small businesses problems. They’re a dime a dozen. Do’s and Don’ts, Tips and Tricks, advice columns etc. Some are reliable sources like this, others are trying to sell you a scam. Sometimes, like this article says, you do indeed need to spend money to make money. According to this site, about the average costs of social media managers, you could be paying upwards of $900 a month for this service. Using Payzero, as implied, you ‘pay zero’ cash for the service and more so ‘earn’ the service.

It’s never going to be easy running a business. That is self-explanatory and we aren’t going to claim we can solve all your businesses problems. That’s unrealistic. It is not unrealistic to use the credit services you already pay for and use to earn points to make your online workload smaller.

There’s no shame in hiring the right person for the right job. It’s actually the best idea. You wouldn’t hire a plumber to do your taxes. While they are both highly valuable services, know your employees strengths and utilize them well.

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