2021 or 2001?: Outdated Website Designs

There are some tell tale signs of an outdated menu.

Technical errors and dead links are, of course, some of the most obvious. However, we are going to talk about some of the creative choices that can make your fully functional website seem outdated or even slow down its productivity.

1.) Color Scheme

A very dark or black background, with a bright colored font, may be striking, but it’s also hard on the eyes. Certain colors also invoke certain feelings. Warm colors often evoke feelings of happiness or good energy. However, specifically yellow, red, and orange also have an attention grabbing effect and can signal danger. The best example of this is caution tape, roadwork signs, and stop signs. However, according to SoYummy, “red attracts attention and speeds up the body’s blood flow. When the blood flow is increased to the digestive system, it speeds up your metabolism and makes you hungry. It also increases your heart rate, which can jump-start your appetite”.

So, red doesn’t have to be banned from your website; it’s just consult a designer in the process of creating the site so it is done in a way that archives the proper goal, without being too off-putting to the eye, especially on mobile devices.

2.) Photos

Blurry or low resolution photos are a sure fire way to have customers feeling like the website hasn’t been updated in a long time. But equally as important as the quality is the photos content themselves. Obvious stock photos leave a bad taste in customers mouths. It feels too sterile. Marketing garage recommends only using stock photos for very specific purposes.

“ The goal of marketing is to get what differentiates your company and gets noticed. ShutterStock alone has 1.4 million users. That’s 1.4 million marketers drawing from the same bank of photos that are shot so as to have the widest appeal possible. So stock photos neither differentiate nor make you stand out.”

— Marketing Garage

3.) Layout

The layout of the website is very important, not only so it is accessible via mobile, but also so it functions the way the customer needs. Having pop up ads all over and moving figures is very distracting. You can have some moving parts, but it’s probably best left programmed by the professionals. We have designers who can make sure your web content not only looks good, but functions as intended.


Some fonts are inherently very hard to read. Especially if you are going to put them over a very dark or very loud background color. We recommend keeping it simple when it comes to font. Some brands even have their own color scheme and custom font they use on all braded items and web content. While this is an extra expense, it does make everything feel very put together. Even if you don’t invest in a custom font, the one you chose makes a statement about your business; so make it a good one.

5.) Hosting

A web server basically does its job by being connected to the internet 24/7. They will usually be stored in secure surroundings and in a climate controlled environment to receive the best possible performance anywhere they may be. When you sign up with a host provider, as well as paying for this set up, you also pay for specialized software and their technical expertise. Usually, this would be an unrealistic cost for most website owners. In short, it’s much more affordable to pay a small monthly fee, or annual contract than take care of something like this yourself if you want a reliable site. There are lots of places to host a site. We have options we can provide you with that work in tandem with online menus and work specifically for restaurants needs.

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